Wajnberg | Tansman | Przybylski

“The album contains three compositions for clarinet and string quartet written by composers aware of the clarinet’s expressive and virtuosic capabilities. The unique combination of its timbre and the sound of string instruments has inspired composers since the classical era. The album includes much later works – works by Tansman and Weinberg, which belong to the last opuses, as well as an early composition by Przybylski, who is still considered one of the young generation of artists. Each composition is distinguished by its individual color and recognizable style – neoclassical simplicity, motor expression and inspirations with motifs from Jewish music. What they have in common is the richness of colors and emotional depth. With this album, Piotr Lato confirms his virtuoso predispositions and musical sensitivity, and the Messages Quartet, one of the best Polish bands, is his worthy partner, perfectly managing the balance of dynamics and tension levels in the parts of individual instruments”

Piotr Lato – clarinet
Messages Quartet

Mieczysław Wajnberg
Chamber Symphony No. 4 op. 153, version for clarinet, string quartet and triangle (1992)
1. I Lento
2. II Allegro molto – Moderato

3. III Adagio – Meno mosso

4. IV Andantino – Adagissimo
Alexander Tansman
Musique pour Clarinette Si bemol et Quatuor a cordes (1982)
5. I Canzone
6. II Scherzo
7. III Notturno. Finale
Dariusz Przybylski
8. Eine kleine Morgenmusik (2006)
DUX Recording Producers



Andrzej Karałow: There are some nebulae no eye can dispel

The piece Particulae lucis by Andrzej Karałow, recorded by Messages Quartet, was included on the album entitled There are some nebulae no eye can dispel.

Andrzej Karałow – composer

  1. Florescence for piano trio (2018)
  2. Out of the Light of the Two Suns a Phanstasmagorical City Appears for vocal sextet and electronics (2021)
  3. Veins for orchestra (2019)
  4. White Sphere, Navy-Blue Background for viola solo (2019)
  5. Particulae lucis for string quartet (2020)

Chromatophonic Trio, proMODERN, Chopin University Chamber Orchestra, Rafał Janiak (conductor), Agnieszka Podłucka (viola), Messages Quartet (track no. 5).

Chopin University Press 2023

Chopin University Press


The album was nominated for the Fryderyk 2024 award!




Bacewicz & Tansman

Messages Quartet
Julia Kociuban – piano

Grażyna Bacewicz
Piano Quintet No. 1 (1952)
1. Moderato molto espressivo (7:34)
2. Presto (4:18)
3. Grave (7:06)
4. Con passione (4:46)

Grażyna Bacewicz
Piano Quintet No. 2 (1965)
5. Moderato (6:51)
6. Larghetto (6:15)
7. Allegro giocoso (4:46)

Alexander Tansman
Musica a cinque for piano quintet (1955)
8. Praeludium (2:19)
9. Toccata (5:21)
10. Elegia (4:25)
11. Divertimento (3:14)
12. Finale

DUX, 2021

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Album has been nominated to the Fryderyk 2022 award!



Messages Quartet

Andrzej Panufnik
1. String Quartet No. 2 “Messages“ (1980) [20:21]

Stanisław Moniuszko
String Quartet no. 1 in D minor (1839)
2. I. Allegro agitato [05:06]
3. II. Andantino [03:37]
4. III. Scherzo. Vivo [03:32]
5. IV. Finale. Allegro assai [03:47]

Krzysztof Penderecki
6. III Kwartet smyczkowy „Kartki z niezapisanego dziennika”/String Quartet No. 3 “Pages of an Unwritten Diary” (2008) [17:43]

Sound engineer: Marcin Guz
Text about music: Maciej Negrey
Photos: Adam Golec
Graphic design: InfraArt – Aleksandra Słowińska


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Szymon Laks DUX

Szymon Laks String Quartets

Messages Quartet

Szymon Laks
String Quartet No. 3 “On Polish Folk Themes”(1945)
1. I Allegro quasi presto
2. II Poco lento, sostenuto
3. III Vivace non troppo
4. IV Allegro moderato, giusto

Szymon Laks
String Quartet no. 4 (1962)
5. I Allegro non troppo
6. II Andante sostenuto
7. III Quasi presto, con fuoco

String Quartet No. 5 (1963)
8. I Allegro moderato
9. II Adagio molto
10. III Scherzo, quasi presto
11. IV Allegro giocoso

Sound engineer: Marcin Guz
Text about music: Marta Januszkiewicz
Photos: Anita Wąsik-Płocińska
Graphic design: DUX